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Steamy Spotlight: Interview with Melissa Croce

January 19, 2021

Melissa Croce, joins Kelly to discuss her debut book, Single and Forced to Mingle: A Guide for (Nearly) Any Socially Awkward Situation. Other topics include a few favorite 2020 reads, the difficulties of online dating, and a round of "Dear Aunt Carol" MadLibs, straight from Melissa's book.  

Melissa Croce 

Show Notes: 
- From viral Twitter post to published author, meet Melissa Croce
- Cheers to a new (and hopefully better) year!
- Smart goals and resolutions
- Redefining your "Daily Rhythm" 
- Setting the tone for 2021 with Melissa's book (00:13:37)
- Melissa's viral "Why I'm Single" brochure 
- Translating a whirlwind, viral moment to a debut book
- Millennials in a nut shell 
- Validating choice (00:24:59)
- A quick excerpt to set the tone
- The best things about singlehood (00:30:25)
- Learning how to say, "No."
- Women as emotional anchors (00:34:37)
- The worst things about singlehood (00:36:47)
- A few words on professional cuddlers...
- Melissa's love of romance (00:42:24)
- Melissa's Romance Rec: If I Never Met You
- Kelly's Romance Rec: Make Me Hate You (You can listen to our Book Club review, too!)
- Aunt Carol MadLibs (00:54:59)
- Tips for improving your dating profile (01:01:25)
- Society's always going to want more from you...
- Wrapping up with Melissa 

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